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Coin PoolCoin PricePool Hash RatePool WorkersAction
Zcash (ZEC) $182.86 USD 33.01 MSol/s 26   JOIN POOL  
Horizen (ZEN) $70.45 USD 2.73 MSol/s 28   JOIN POOL  
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) $40.70 USD 1.25 KSol/s 25   JOIN POOL  
Tent (TENT) $0.0147 USD 0.00 Sol/s 0   JOIN POOL  

Updates & Status

Stay current on pool updates and system status.

Sep 30 2021

Zcash Pool Upgrade

Zcash pool upgraded to v4.5.1

Oct 25 2021

Zen Pool Upgrade

Zen pool upgraded to v2.0.24

Dec 1 2021

Zen Pool Upgrade

Zen pool upgraded to v3.0.2

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